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Regional stereotype seeks same

Regional stereotype seeks sameIT'S TRUE: NEW YORKERS are obsessed with money, Southern Californians love to roller-blade and Chicagoans just want an honest companion.

Stanley B. Woll, a professor of psychology at California State University in Fullerton, recently poured over 408 online personal ads to see how singles conformed to city personality stereotypes. While many common stereotypes did bear out, a few counterintuitive findings emerged.

"Most surprising to me was that New Yorkers didn't emphasize culture as much as the others," says Woll, who has studied dating ads for over 25 years. And as for the finding that Angelenos were more likely to mention family, Woll speculates that the L.A. group may have included more single parents.

LOS ANGELENOS "I'm 6'2" 180 lbs. I work long hours (I'm an investment counselor), but also enjoy my leisure time. (Work hard, play hard as they say.) I'm into running swimming, rollerblading, tennis ..."

More likely to mention

* exercise and sports

* that they are looking for a confident partner

But contrary to the beach-bum stereotype

* more likely to mention family and traditional family activities

NEW YORKERS "I can afford to enjoy the finer things in life. All I'm missing is the perfect person to share it all with. I'm looking for someone who's very intelligent ..."

More likely to mention

* financial status

* their own intelligence and that they are looking for an educated partner

But contrary to the go-getter stereotype

* don't mention their occupation more than others

CHICAGOANS "This is a hard one to write because I'm open to many different kinds of guys. I like a man who is fun and has a good sense of humor (who doesn't?!). I want someone who is 'available' for a committed relationship ..."

More likely to mention

* the process of online dating

* that they seek honesty and loyalty in a partner

* "Mr." or "Ms. Right"

But contrary to the heartlander stereotype

* more likely to mention culture and cultural activities