Picking Flowers for Mom on Mothers Day

The gifts you can give to mom during Mother's Day can range from simple and entertaining to extravagant and expensive. But the one gift that will really make your mother happy on her special day is the gift of sweet-scented, beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. Because flowers are among the most popular gifts to give during Mother's Day, florists have come up with a vast assortment of arrangements for this occasion. These arrangements not only show you care, but your mother will notice how attuned you are to the type of flowers she enjoys.

According to a lot of florists, carnations are the most popular flowers used in Mother's Day bouquets because they are said to represent endurance, purity, sweetness, and all the amazing qualities of most mothers. The color of the carnation is also just as important. A single white carnation is usually placed on the gravestone of mothers who have passed away. Red or pink carnations are perfect for Mother's Day if you don't live anywhere near her because they communicate that, "You are always on my mind." If you're not sure that your mom would like carnations, roses are always your best bet, for they are time-tested symbols of love. You might not want to give mother a dozen all red roses though ? these signify passionate love and are more appropriate for a husband to give to his wife on Mother's Day.

However, if you know that she prefers red roses, you might want to try a combination of white and red roses in a tight bouquet. A white rose represents purity of heart and is the type of rose mother and child share together. Mixed with red roses, this combination bouquet brings warmth to the heart. Other popular rose colors include dark pink, yellow, and deep orange. Dark pink roses symbolize admiration, while yellow roses communicate pride and success. For a more unique look, take one color scheme and incorporate carnations and other flowers along with the roses.

Flowers are presents that bring a smile to any woman's face; they are easily available and come in arrangements that cater to different tastes. Although a bouquet of roses might not repay everything your mom has done for you, they're a great way to remind her that you love her and appreciate everything she has done for you. Send your mother a gorgeous bouquet of flowers as a bold testament of your love for her on Mother's Day.

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