Old Fashioned BDSM Christmas

If you are into the BDSM lifestyle, you may be interested in creating new Christmas traditions that involve your chosen lifestyle. When people think of Christmas, they do not normally think whips, chains, and candy canes or do they? This Christmas add your lifestyle into the holiday festivities by creating a good old fashioned BDSM Christmas. Chances are you will like it so much it will become a holiday tradition. When planning your special BDSM Christmas festivities you should consider the needs of your relationship. As anyone into lifestyle BDSM knows, there are several levels of BDSM. Some relationships exist purely on control and do not need pain or pleasures other than traditional couples receive.

Other couples are interested in sadomasochism. No matter what level of BDSM you are into you can make Christmas your own with a little planning. For people into control, consider gagging your submissive this holiday.

Oh, don't worry, we don't mean all season long. You can take the gag off to let them go shopping or to eat. Technically, you could leave it on as long as you want. You might find it pleasurable to have your submissive opening their presents with the gag on. Of course, you might want it off during the Christmas festivities so you can hear their excitement as their presents lose the wrapping.

You might want to consider restraints this Christmas. Place your submissive on a leaded chain that will only give them so much room to travel in the house. This can be enjoyable for the dominant that is on the go. You can pop in and out of the house to check on your submissive but otherwise you can enjoy the secret pleasure of knowing they are tied up with nowhere to go, just waiting for you to get home. For added fun give your submissive a list of chores to do or things to accomplish to see how far they can stretch their bonds in order to get things done.

If you like restricting your submissive in other ways, you have many additional options. Take them holiday shopping wearing a chastity device under their clothing. No one will know it is there but you and him/her, and yet, it will be quite pleasing nonetheless. They have excellent chastity devices for both men and women in various fabrics and sizes so all submissives should be covered. Another good idea is a harness. You can find harnesses that extend over and wind around the body, even fitting in the most intimate spots imaginable.

Your submissive is sure to enjoy the hold you have on them even when you are not touching them physically. Christmastime can also be used for trying new things and expanding your relationship. You might want to exchange new gifts or attempt an activity you have been considering but have yet to try. You might be considering wax play, knife play, or even needle play.

Play piercing or really getting pierced by a professional in a special area might be right for you, it just depends on your relationship and what makes it tick. BDSM is a very special thing. Consider the dynamics of your relationship when creating the customs that will be followed this season. Ultimately, everyone's customs will be different when it comes to something like this, so you will want to take the ideas you have read here and use them to your advantage this Christmas. You can do this by creating new ideas or by reinventing them to work for your own relationship.

Shayla Moore is a writer for http://www.oasislingerie.com She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.

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