Ideas On What To Get Or Make For That Special Someone

You can make him/her a card and get a gift later. It's not a big deal if you get a gift now or later. You can stay at home and make him/her a nice dinner. You could try to get as much cash as you can and get a gift card. When you do get a gift for him/her you can get is somewhat cheap.

For example a new expansion for a computer game or a video game, an accessory for there car or a computer. Just buy him/her something that you know that he/she would appreciate. There are some gifts you could make. Well considering that you guys have been friends for so long and probably have a lot of memories it might be nice if you could make him/her something like a photo album.

You could include pictures of things that remind you of him/her. For example, the first place that you met, people you'll both always remember, clips of his/her favorite things. You can also write a poem or choose a cute adventure story about him/her. You can make it very creative and fun.

As the years go on you can add more and more to the album it would make it more meaningful for the both of you. You can include pictures of pets and names that have changed throughout your relationship and things that use to or still find annoying and wonderful about each other. You can also make him/her a picture frame.

You can either buy one or you could make one out of large popsicle sticks. And in the middle include a picture of yourself. If you go to kinkos you could even make him/her a calendar. Another thing would be to make him/her some of there favorite chocolate or cookies and send that with a bouquet of flowers.

All you would need for the bouquet is some handpicked or bought flowers and a couple of long thin sticks. Get a nice sized candy, like starburst and poke the end of the stick into the candy. Then make the bouquet. Well there are many gifts you could give him/her that don't involve an insane amount of money. You could make something that would remind you of her.

It's very meaningful and you can make it in a couple of days. It's very sweet and that's the best way to go for someone you deeply love but is still considered a friend. You could get her a chap piece of jewelry too. To keep the relationship stable you guys need to keep in contact. Talk to her on the phone and through email or instant messenger.

It's hard to keep a relationship stable if you guys want to remain friends but your other option is to do just that. Remain friends. Keep in contact and call him/her occasionally to see how he/she's doing. I recommend that people try and get their loved ones gifts they know are going to be liked and appreciated. Of course, to be able to get such a gift, you need to know the person you're getting it for rather well. In your case, however, it is just not a possibility.

You have hardly met this person and just won't know at this point what there tastes are. So what I would recommend to you is going with the idea of exploring your own words about the best present for someone that you like, still don't know that well, but would really like to get to know better. Specifically, what I am talking about is getting them something that will tell him/her more about you.

For example, you can get them a copy of your most favourite book or a CD of your most favourite music and as you present it to them, tell him/her that this is something that you really like, that it is a part of who you are and that you would like to share it with him/her. I'm sure something along these lines would make a great gift.

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