How to Carefully Choose the Right Wedding Videographer

One of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your Videographer! Most girls grow up with a picture in their mind of just how their wedding day is going to look and feel. How they will be dressed, what the flowers will look like, where the event will take place, even down to what will be served. But few girls grow up dreaming of who will shoot the video.

In a recent survey, only about half of potential brides listed their videographer as one of the top 10 elements of their wedding day. Yet, after marriage, that same survey showed that nearly 80% of brides listed the wedding video as one of the most important features. After the vows have been exchanged, and the cake has been cut, wedding photography and videography will become the treasured keepsakes of that special day. So what then, are the keys to making that "important decision" the right decision? 1. Hire a professional.

Wedding videos should be carefully crafted by someone who has years of experience, not merely assembled by someone with some cool equipment. I know that as a professional, I sometimes look back on my early work and find that I made many mistakes because I lacked experience, knowledge, and technique. Many couples will ask a friend or relative to bring their camera and feel that will be sufficient.

But a seasoned professional brings a repertoire of shots along with knowledge about angles, lighting, and positioning that will allow your moments to go from only historical to simply magical. Meet with your videographer to get a feel for his or her personality. Is this person someone who you can work with? Will he or she help make you smile and feel at ease? Could this person become the cause of stress and frustration? Having someone you feel comfortable with will particularly show through on your video.

Do your research. 2. Look on the Internet and other directories to find videographers in your general area. Search engines may help you eliminate some of the pretenders. Don't narrow your search to just your hometown, as many videographers will be willing to travel short distances at no cost or even longer distances for a small fee.

3. Don't shop only based on price. As with many things, the most economical choice may not be the best choice. But there are some great videographers who are also affordable. 4.

Ask questions. Does the montage include motion? Do you have microphones for interviews and for the ceremony? How will you be appropriately lit and what will you use? Will I have a chance to preview and give input before the final product? How many copies do I get? Many videographers may charge per copy or some will even charge per transition or title. 5. Is your videographer a member of a local or national videographer society such as WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographer Association) or UPVA (Utah Professional Videographer Association)? Association membership usually signifies that this person is serious about their craft. 6.

See samples of their work. Most videographers have online or DVD demos available to view. If you set an appointment, many will have additional samples to view that may include your venue or similar situations so you can get a better feel for how they will approach your special day. There are many important decisions in planning the perfect wedding day and selecting the right videographer will make an enormous difference. In addition, picking the right videographer will allow you to view, relive, and remember the beauty and magic of all the other moments of your beautiful wedding.

James Ellison is a professional videographer in Utah and has run a successful company for many years, Ellison Video Productions. but more of his utah wedding articles are in Wasatch Bride Electronic Magazine

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