Great Gift Giving While Dating and Romancing A Woman

The best gifts to impress single women while dating, for romance, are warm, cuddly, cute, sentimental keepsakes that also have some value and tell her you took the time to scout them out for her. One of the best of these special keepsake treats is a Beanie Baby or a Beanie Buddy. These cute little collectible creatures last forever and will be around her home prominently and proudly displayed, rest assured. Every day, several times that day, she'll look at her Beanie Buddy or Beanie Baby or her collection of them and remember you. She'll remember how warm, thoughtful, generous, sweet, loving and sentimental you are. Rest assured, these are among the best gifts to impress single women for romance.

Most high-end card shops and gift shops offer these cuddly little buddies. You can also buy them online. Some of them are what is known as retired. That doesn't mean you can't get them anymore. It simply means they don't make them anymore. Having one of these is really more sentimental - and more immediately valuable - then having those that are still on the market.

Some of the retired and most popular of the Beanie babies are the Holiday Teddy of 1999, the Ty 2K beanie baby made of confetti in the year of the millennium, 2000, and The Scots Wallace Bear. Other popular ones are the purple bear called Princess Diana, the Halo Angel, Millennium Bear, Fuzz Bear, the Valentine's Day Valentina Bear, and the special St. Paddy's day gift, the green Erin.

It may take a little more effort, but the best of these beanie baby gifts for romance and to impress are the ones that single women know are more difficult to find due to their popularity. These are Snowboy, who looks like a little snowman, the Halo Bear and of course Princess Bear, a Princess Di keepsake. Of course, if you've managed to find out exactly what she collects there's nothing better than taking the time to add to her collection. My aunt collects pigs (no, silly, not real ones), I collect magnets and shot glasses of places I've visited, another friend collects newspaper memorabilia. We'd all be quite impressed to have a man show up at our door with an addition to our collection, something we didn't have and would keep in plain sight and remember him by each and every day.

A man who doesn't know what his lady love collects can't usually go wrong with copper, brass, crystal, cut glass, diamonds or chocolate. If he's fresh out of ideas and is resorting to the old standby flowers he should segue a little and buy a plant that will live a long life, and send it in a beautiful basket or vase that she'll treasure forever. These, then, are some of the best gifts to impress single women for dating and romance.

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